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Become a Flex House Program Secret Shopper today and enjoy BIG savings!

Program Details

​​Homeowners meeting the requirements may apply to be a Secret Shopper in our Flex House Program (you are eligible to reapply every 6 months). Customers that have a flexible schedule can receive cleanings for a fraction of the cost. All customers in our Flex House Program receive a Delightful Deluxe deep cleaning at 40% off and Radiant Reset recurring cleanings at 40% off.

​​What we need from our Secret Shoppers is direct feedback on services. This program is one way we keep our services top knotch and our training up to date. We currently have 3 spots open and will start the waitlist once those openings are filled, so grab your spot now by applying below!


  • The home or area being cleaned must be less than 1500 square feet
  • The home must be located within 25 miles of 23040
  • Clients must be scheduled for biweekly or monthly service
  • Provide referrals, online reviews and feedback regularly

Why We Offer This Program

  1. We want to be able to help people and know it is difficult for some people to afford a professional maid service when they are on a tight budget.
  2. Our employees really want to work, so to keep them busy, happy and earning, we offer this program. Their job satisfaction is an integral part of what makes us the company we are.
  3. Direct feedback is a crucial part of training and customer satisfaction.

Even though we don’t make any profit on your cleaning, you help us in a much-needed way - through online reviews, referrals, direct feedback and scheduling – so we THANK YOU!!

There is limited appointment availability for this prorgam and all Flex House Program clients must reapply every 6 months. To find out more about this program or to apply, please use the form below.


​​​​Clients in our Flex House Program may be moved or rescheduled during busy seasons, such as Christmas or around Labor Day, or when an opening for a full pay client is needed. We will try to keep the usual week and day unless one of those situations should arise. In some rare cases, such as weather related closings, we may have to skip the scheduled cleaning. If you need to reschedule for any reason just let us know; we’re flexible too!